Terms and Conditions


1. The hotel room rates are subject to changing if the booking has not been confirmed.

2. The rooms have an occupancy of 2 people; extra occupants will be charged separately as per the availability and arrangement of beds.

3. The guest should settle all the amount of the stay successfully at check-in, in the form of cash or card, without exceptions.

4. The daily charges are for 24 hours; if the 24 hours checkout time frame is exceeded by more than 2 hours, it will result in the stay being considered as a full day's stay, and the customer will be charged for the same. The customer may note that the check out time is 11 am.

1. Address proof and Id proof of all the check-in guests are to be provided at the time of check-in. Pan Card will not be accepted as a valid proof. Documents containing the address like Driving Licence, Passport, Voter Id card or Aadhar card can be provided.

5. The belongings of the guests are their own responsibility, hence the guests are advised to take care of their goods. The hotel shall not be liable for any form of loss to the belongings. The guests are advised to maintain their belongings safely in the lockers, and to make sure the room door is locked in their absence.


6. Carrying inflammable items or any other articles that are combustible or hazardous in nature inside the hotel room is strictly prohibited.

7. Liquor, gambling and smoking in the hotel premises is strictly prohibited. Violation of any Hotel rules could lead the guests vacating the room immediately and can also subject them to payment of fine depending on the issue.


8. In case of damage to the hotel property or possessions, the guest will be held responsible and could be charged by the hotel management depending upon the size of the caused. Hence the guests are advised to be safe and careful during their stay.

9. Guests are requested to use the laundry service for washing of clothes. Washing clothes inside the room, and hanging in the premises for drying should not be practiced. The rules of the hotel are strictly to be followed under all circumstances. The Company shall always be deemed to be in full and absolute possession and control of the whole of the Hotel Premises.